Uppdaterade kurstillfällen våren 2023
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UGL in English

UGL (Understanding Group and Leaders) originates from the Swedish National Defense fundamental leadership training for aspiring officers. The course was initially developed for the Swedish National Defense Academy in 198. Then, in the late 1980’s the UGL course became increasingly popular within the Swedish business community. Today, with more than 5000 participants each year, its considered one of the most popular leadership development courses in Sweden. 

UGL gives you an increased understanding of how group dynamics affect results and how leadership styles should be adapted to the group’s maturity stage and specific task at hand. UGL will provide you with insight as to why people behave in certain ways in certain situations and why conflicts arise in the group.

Target audience

Managers and employees at all levels within the organization, who want to develop as persons, co-workers and leaders.

You will learn

UGL will help you to:

  • work with reflection and learning both individually and as part of a group,
  • understand and deal with conflicts,
  • communicate directly and clearly,
  • understand the effects of feelings on individuals and at a group level,
  • give and take effective feedback,
  • understand how values affect relationships and leadership,
  • identify different stages in the development of a group, understand your own attitude related to that understanding, and that different leadership styles are needed.

The UGL method

This course differs significantly from “traditional” leadership development courses. The pedagogical approach of the UGL course is based on “Experiential Learning”, which means that new learning is acquired through the following four steps; experiencing, reviewing, concluding and changing behavior. 

The two course instructors operate as facilitators,and the group always consists of 8-12 participants. The course is five days in length and requires full attendance (arriving on Monday morning and leaving Friday afternoon).

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